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Client testimonials

Steve Johnson"Dan Perez has a wonderful technique of hypnosis changework." It’s soothing, powerful, and most important – it works. My Skype sessions have been like guided meditations, subconscious workshops that have been instrumental in helping me create a better life. After drinking to excess far longer than I’d like to admit, Dan’s sessions have helped me tame the beast, and I’m happier and more productive - by magnitudes - than I’ve been in a very long while." -- Steve Johnson, Emmy-award-winning special effects artist and writer, Los Angeles

"Today has been the worst day of back pain I've had in four months. I was stupid enough to move a huge desk by myself. I went to the chiropractor, but also called my amazing hypnotist friend Dan Perez, who helped me with some pain management techniques over the phone. He is wonderful, and I highly recommend him to anyone who lives with chronic pain. Please keep him in mind when you are in pain, want to lose weight, quit smoking, or any other number of issues you may need help with."--Jess Hankamer

allergy treatment"Before we started our sessions, I told Dan I thought I would be very easy to hypnotize but I was skeptical about the notion of helping allergies with hypnosis. I am very happy to say, I was wrong. I've had two Skype sessions with Dan, plus I have been listening to his recordings every day for the past month. Skype works well for hypnosis. The online sessions allowed me to be comfy in a recliner chair in my living room while being hypnotized. His voice is soothing and relaxing. I've learned to breathe better and am backing off a little bit on the drugs. I can work in my yard, now, without having dreadful sneezing fits. The problems I used to have are becoming far less frequent. I'm really happy with the results. As a plus the recordings he sent me are very relaxing and I sleep much better than I did before." --Ellen Douras, Singer/Songwriter

"I was nervous about hypnosis, scared about my perceived lack of control. Dan however put me right at ease. Being hypnotized is physically and mentally relaxing I found out. In fact, my first hypnosis session was the best I'd felt after my motorcycle accident. Dan also taught me pain management skills I can use myself, and I still do.  He is a caring guy, and I recommend him highly." -- Jon Van Nort

"Dan gave me tools and techniques to help manage pain for childbirth, because I wanted to do it naturally without pain meds.  However due to blood pressure complications I ended up having an emergency c-section.  I was scared to death of getting a needle in my spine (epidural).  But my husband helped walk me through what we had learned from Dan and helped keep me calm which was also good for my blood pressure.  My BP went so high that it was off the charts literally and everyone was afraid I was going to have a stroke and go into a coma, so anything that helped keep me calm was life saving for me and baby.  Now we are both doing wonderful and healthy!" --Melissa Savage

"I started doing the weight loss by hypnosis with Dan Perez just before Christmas. In just the first 3 weeks I had lost 9 pounds. My first goal was to lose 20 pounds by June. I met that goal by the end of April! I've been trying to hold off buying new clothes so I don't have to keep buying them but pretty soon everything I own will be much too big so I'll have to break down and do. But its a good problem to have. Now I'm on my way to losing my next 20 pounds by September. Using hypnosis I have no doubt I will meet that and make my ultimate goal. Thanks Dan!" --Veronica Costa Smith

"I have suffered from social anxiety and a fear of public speaking for years now, and was tired of letting it control my life.  I finally decided to do something about it when I had a job interview coming up and was a nervous wreck about it.  I called Dan and he agreed to meet with me the very next day.  I am so excited to say that the hypnosis worked and I went into the interview feeling calm, collected, and entirely in control of how the interview would go.  I was offered the job a day later.  I am so grateful to Dan for helping me overcome my anxiety.  I highly recommend him!" --Lauri

I went to a very terrible place in my mind these last few weeks. Everything was wrong. Nothing was right. I couldn't break the cycle...

I was smiling all day today. The seeds of positivity have been planted. I just needed the right tool. If you have never tried hypnotherapy, I highly recommend it. Thank you Dan Perez. You are an awesome friend, and a great hypnotist. I really admire your positivity, and I am confident now with your help, I will have far more better days then bad days. I found myself able to cope with the idea, of forgiving, and moving on. That was something I didn't think I could do before. Its only day one, but there will be many many more to follow." --Elle Velie

"Smoking was part of my life for 8 years. Within those years, I have always tried quitting but always end up smoking again. I have used different over- the-counter methods, even thought about getting prescribed with those medications for tobacco users. My family and boyfriend never failed to encourage me to stop smoking. I hear them and appreciate their concern, but deep inside I had almost given up on myself. My boyfriend met Dan and found he practices hypnosis to help people quit smoking. As my boyfriend ran this information by me, I was nonchalant about it because I was never a believer. I have only seen this type of stuff on TV, but never in real life. Anxious to kick the habit, I set up a session with an open mind and hopeful results. !!! tah-dah!!! It has been since March 2012 since the last time I smoked or even touched a cigarette. The sessions were great; though I was petrified going in, he made feel comfortable and at ease the whole entire time… and my boyfriend was also able to sit there with me. It has been such a huge change in my life. I do not regret it and will definitely recommended Dan to anyone who is ready to change their life." --Maria Vidal

"I heard Dan speak at a luncheon and saw a demonstration of him hypotizing someone.  I was convinced (after years of being skeptical of hypnosis) that he was the real deal.

I called and set an appt to help me get over my fear of cats.  Dan met with me that same day!  And right after the session, I went to my neighbor's house and sat in her living room calmly while her cat walked around.  Before the session, I would not even enter her home! Success! This fear does not paralyze me anymore!  Even seeing the cat pics on Facebook doesn't give me the eeby-geebies anymore!  I'm looking forward to running across a cat in the neighborhood, just because I know I will not be afraid!  Never, never did I ever feel like looking forward to seeing a cat!

This quick session showed me the power we all possess inside that rules our perception of life.  I can't wait for our next session--I asked Dan to help me with my migraines!  I feel like I'm a couple of sessions away from being able TO FLY! Ok, I know that's not possible, but that is how empowered and happy I am feeling about life!  THANK YOU DAN!" -- Audrey

"I wanted Dan to help me with chonic pain, and after just one session I was already feeling relief in my knee. It took a few more sessions to get where I had the comfort and mobility I wanted. I was very happy with the results, and it has helped with doing my job. Dan is very conscientious and loves helping people. I highly recommend Dan and his services." --Lauren Lareau

"I have suffered from general anxiety and panic attacks for years.  After attending one of Dan's hypnosis shows, I decided I wanted to try some one-on-one therapy.  Dan hypnotized me and allowed me to review what is causing my issue.  He was able to teach me how to better control my anxiety.  I now have tools that enable me to push past my panic attacks.  I feel much better. Dan has helped me to control the anxiety that would cause me panic attacks. For this I am so grateful." --Clint Avila

"I'd been absolutely petrified of clowns since childhood. Even seeing pictures of clowns would cause me to have crippling panic attacks and vivid nightmares. After the hypnosis, I tried looking at pictures of Pennywise the Clown, one of the original sources of my fear, and I was completely calm and relaxed. I was even able to laugh at many of the pictures - something I never thought I'd be able to do in a million years. Dan is a miracle worker, and you'll be amazed at how much just one of his sessions will help you." --Kaitlynn Sheffield

"Dan was very professional and helped me out with my roach phobia. I had a great fear of roaches and he helped me step by step. He also offered to do a follow up if it didn't work. Well it did and it was wonderful. I am now not afraid to walk by those big flying roaches anymore. I will be using him in the future to address other issues. Big Thanks to Dan Perez!" --Tiffani Aswad

"I had been wanting to stop smoking for a while for a number of reasons, and my boyfriend suggested I see Dan. He was professional and caring in his approach to hypnosis and he explained everything very clearly for me. I didn't think that anyone could stop smoking after only two hypnosis sessions but I was amazed to find out you can! After the sessions I really did become a nonsmoker, and Dan gave me tools to avoid any cravings that might come up. If you want to stop smoking, this is the way to go." --Phoung Truong

"I came to Dan Perez for help in losing weight. I had not been losing any despite a strict diet. We sat down and talked for 30-40 min as he introduced me on the methods he employed. We discussed my goals and were there any stressors in my life that could be preventing me from my weight loss. After a quick history, he decided that giving me a way to handle the stress was as important as the weight loss and would help me to lose. He said that I would probably require some additional meetings but that was part of the program. He put me under and I tell you what , I gave answers to his questions that I would not have given myself! I left feeling full of energy and very much in a positive mood. Over the next few weeks, before our planned next session, I got a tremendous amount of work done, things that had been on a back burner for months got taken care of. People at work noticed a change in my confidence and overall demeanor. I started an exercise program and am still with it. Our second meeting was quicker and focused and I again left feeling very positive. 

I am diabetic and my cholesterol and A1c labworks are a good indicator of my over all health. I had my previous labs a week before my first session with Dan. Cholesterol was 189 good cholesterol was 34. A1c was 6.4 (under 6 is considered not diabetic or borderline). Now I had been working on my health for 6 months prior to this and had done a respectable job I thought. got my 3 month labs back a week ago. Cholesterol is 136 with the good cholesterol at 40 and my A1c is 6.0 . As if that was not enough I bought new jeans and found I had lost 6 inches from my waist and 15 pounds." --Rusty Bennett

"Dan hypnotized me for increased confidence, and the hypnosis helped me out a great deal. Now I can go into important decision-making situations with a more rational mind. I am also now easily able to put aside negativity from others. The end result here is that I am more at peace with myself and it's a good feeling. Dan even hypnotized me once and instantly got rid of a headache. I highly recommend Dan's hypnosis!" --Mary Ball

"Dan's hypnosis helped me when I was feeling very down after my girlfriend broke up with me. He agreed to see me on short notice because I had a family vacation in a few days and I wanted to be able to enjoy it. The change was like night and day and I really was able to enjoy my vacation and have felt much better since then." --Kyle Kaufman

"While studying for the seemingly formidable GRE, I found that trifling insecurities were standing in my way. But after just one session with Dan, I enjoyed a significant surge of confidence in my math skills. Problems that would have overwhelmed me two weeks before could be taken in stride. What’s more, I actually began to enjoy math for the first time in my life! When I finally took the GRE today, I scored higher in math than I did on the verbal--I do think that the math confidence-boosting session we did months ago definitely came into play when I was sitting at that computer today. And thanks again (a million times over) for the terrific sessions!" --Elayne Barlow

"Recently I had been plagued by anxiety and it was affecting my day-to-day life, and becoming harder and harder to deal with. After my first session with Dan, I could already feel the benefits. With continued sessions with Dan, I found that my anxiety was gone. Things that would previously have sent me into a full-blown anxiety attack now seemed insignificant to me. Dan even taught me a way to laugh at my troubles and that felt great. It has now been weeks since my last anxiety attack and my life is much more stress-free. Thank you so much for helping me with this, and you have a loyal customer for life!'' --Deven Bynum

whitney"The first time I remember being afraid of snakes I was about 11 years old, when a friend picked up a water moccasin and I saw its fangs. From then on, I lived in constant fear that a snake would bite me. Whether I was in the middle of the concrete jungle downtown or in my back yard, I was always checking for a snake. I was making sure one wasn't going to sneak up and get me. Several times through out my teenage years I would experience real encounters with snakes that only reaffirmed my snake phobia. My fear would paralyze me. I'd be afraid to move, crying because of snakes that weren't even around me; but in my mind, they were everywhere.

When I first heard of using hypnosis as a means to make me comfortable with snakes again, I was skeptical. But, I was willing to give it a shot. The mind is a powerful tool. The power of suggestion can do amazing things. I was determined and this was a possible cure. What did I have to lose? Dan Perez first broke down a block that a previous bad hypnotist had put in my mind. Dan performed some hypnosis tests on me. He succeeded in even creating the illusion of a frog. I was very impressed. We decided to set up the first session to tap in to the snake phobia. By the end of the first session, we had opened my mind to the root causes and intensifers of the phobia.

With the information Dan had obtained from the first session, he created tools and prepared for the second session. Dan wasn't the only one preparing for the second session. He'd given me small tools to help prepare myself for the second session. I feel that the exercise I was asked to practice is what really helped me conquer my phobia in only two sessions.

That's right. By the end of the second session, Dan had helped me become comfortable with snakes. This week I will even be handling a snake for the first time. I can honestly say that I'm excited. It's such a relief to live life with comfort and courage. I'm comfortable with snakes. I have calmness, courage, and peace of mind about snakes. Thank you, Dan." --Whitney Hoefar


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